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Database of stolen bikes, e-bikes, pedelecs
and whatever else has wheels and pedals.

The purpose of this website

We hope that this (and similar) sites on the internet will at some point become a nightmare for thieves and all those who receive and dispose of stolen bicycles. At the moment 15464 stolen bikes have been registered on this website. We imagine that, if someday every stolen bike is registered on the internet, it will no longer be worth the trouble to steal bikes. Dealing with or using stolen bikes will be impossible. The stolen bike will get piping hot in the hand of the thief and soon be returned to its legal owner.

That is why:

- if your bicycle is still unstolen, please write the frame-number down on a sheet of paper and make a photo of your steely vehicle.

- if your bicycle is stolen yet, then register it here on this web page.


Everything on this side is for free. It is gratis to look through the register. And it is free of costs to register a stolen bike.

We cover our Costs solely by advertisements. And this supplies our website to be free-of-charge. It would be nice, if you give a little of your time to the advertisements. This will ultimately be of benefit to all.

To kill two birds with one stone ...

Even if your bike is not stolen, this webside will be a wise reading. Every article in the database contains useful informations about the anti-theft protection. So it will advise you, what not will be enough. And everybody can bear the consequences apart. Maybe, that someday it will be the normal case to protect a bike with three bike locks. Two locks to chain the wheels with the frame, and one to chain the frame e. g. with a lantern.

Our "Blog"

A good many times we decide that a stolen bicycle is registered here on this side at twelve o'clock at night, or one, two, three o'clock in the early morning. This shows us, that a theft of a bicycle does scar one very much. More than anyone thought as much. A bike is not only a material object and a new one is readily available. No, a bicycle with a valuably gearshift, a premium suspension and so on requires a lot of "cash on the barrelhead". Maybe, for a good bike you have to work hard for a month or longer. If I use a bike intensive by sports, it will advance my physical health. Therefor it's due to my fitness. It accompanies me a long way. It escorts me to school, to courses of studies, to my work and in my spare time. And when this fellow is stolen, you can't hide your emotions. Therefor we extended this web side with a blog as a valve to limit pressure.

Search in the WWW with search engines

One, who intend to search for a stolen bike in the internet, fears (but its needless), that a lot of work will come up to him. Because he goes on with the wrong system as follows:

- Fist, find out whitch internet sides show stolen bicycles.
- Than, gradually go and see, how the web side works.
- And if you you are sure, that you have found every possible web page, the true search begins. Probably you have to search each with a big list of hits.

Probably this will take up to a day. It's an expenditure of time, that possibly someone will spend, whose bike was stolen. He has the necessary motivation, because he is furious with the thief. A private buyer or at all an economical thinking bicycle dealer will never keep that expenditure.

Thank God! That's an absolut wrong approach. If I know a frame number, special features or special codings of the police, then I can feed it in the input field of the search engine directly. The search engine will guide me direct to the corresponding web side. Because google and the other search engines, like Yahoo, MSN,, and so on are permanent scanning all pages in the internet. To our Pages, google comes several times a day.

From now on, this way of procedure has to get around, to all persons who buy up bicycles, and all the stolen bikes must be registered in the internet. Because, if a dealer of bicycles, permanent looks for stolen bikes in the internet by means of the frame number, and never will get a hit, then, after a while, he will give up his searching.

Yet another tip to enter a frame number, a coding and so on in the search field of a search engine. Enter such datas allways with apostrophe, because special characters like the hyphen/minus, the search engine takes it not as a part of the data but as a command for the search engine.

Open borders

All arround us we see open borders, that′s just why it′s not enough to search for a stolen bike within national borders or at all within a local town. Today, it won′t take much, to grab a bike, put it in a car and take it abroad. That′s why this Homepage is not limited to the use for only one country, rather this pages are made for multinational use.

Content of the detail pages

• Welcome The welcome-page shows you the meaning of this internetportal. In short: "Disturb the ease life of bike thiefs", that's the meaning of this page.

• Database     Database Page of "bicycle stolen". All registered bikes are listet here, sorted by date of registration.

• Search     On the search-page, you can search for a stolen bike in the entries of our database. Useful is to choose a clear term like frame or serial number.

• Register     Here you can register your stolen bike. After it, you can see your entry on the database page.

• Blog     Do you have knowledges, informations, emotions, which you would like to post in the internet, then this blog is your platform. Here you can discuss about nearly everything you want, no matter if you go a little bit off at a tangent "bicycle".

• Back     A stolen bicycle must not be off forever. Here you can read some examples, that will reassure your.

• Coding     A good way for anti-theft protection, is, to mark the bicycle frame with a special code. Read here some details.

• Specialists     This page wants to guide you on the way to a bicycle specialist, who can help you in all affairs.

• Links     Helpful links to the terms "stolen" and/or "bicycle" are accumulated here for you.

And here you will
find us in the



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